AI-powered assistant to help trainers generate educational quizzes and presentations


The general use of new technologies has been changing education and training systems, resulting in significant changes to the way knowledge is transmitted, monitored and evaluated. However, it was mostly to the Knowledge Transmitters (KT) – teachers, trainers – that the new educational paradigm has been demanding the greater changes, starting with the mechanisms for displaying content. In this context, one of the biggest changes verified, went through the general use of multimedia content, namely Presentation Slides. Although the construction of this type of materials is a demanding and time-consuming task, we haven’t found any commercial solution that supports the automatic generation of its contents.

On the other hand, the application of questions continues, even today, to be seen as an excellent method for knowledge retention and evaluation. However, as in the context of creating Presentation Slides, the formulation of questions, regardless of its type (multiple choice, open-ended, or other), this a time-consuming task to prepare. In this context, although some solutions have emerged that automate the creation of questions from texts, most of these solutions only support the English language, and do not integrate with systems such as QLMS (quizz-based learning management systems).


• Research and develop mechanisms for the Automatic Generation of Presentation Slides to support teachers and trainers in the construction of multimedia presentations based on educational texts;

• Research and develop Automatic Question Generation mechanisms dedicated to speeding up the question creation process, aimed at reinforcing and evaluating the retention of knowledge in an educational and training context;

• Evaluate, through application in real context, the quality of results and the usability of the developed solution.