We Gamify your Training 

Turn traditional training content into highly engaging mobile games through scientific proven gamification principles. A better knowledge retention and learning rate is achieved at scale, optimizing training costs while increasing employees productivity.


Mobile Learning Games

Mobile learning makes internal training programs more efficient and effective for today’s increasingly mobile and knowledge-based workforce. Trainees can learn anytime, anywhere with minimal preparation time.

Gamification is the future

Our mobile application was carefully tailored to combine user-experience with the latest gamification tools.


Corporate Training

Mobile Learning Games are optimal for corporate training, in areas such as Marketing, Sales, Call-Centers, Onboarding, among others. They complement other forms or learning, by being the missing link in your learning and development requirements.

Mindflow provides the analytics and engaging tools to ensures the pedagogical relevance of your training programs, optimizing the active development of technical and behavioural competencies on both trainers and trainees.

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Mindflow has been developing its own methodology where the principles of gamification, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, accelerated learning and positive psychology are unified in a tested methodology that aims at increasing engagement and motivation, as well as accelerating the learning process.  Thousands of people have played our games and experienced our method.


We already gamify in 32 countries

Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Poland, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Iran.


Our Clients