Mobile Learning

We turn training contents into mobile gaming apps with brand customization and analytical features, tailor-made to our customer’s needs.

Mindflow Academy

This solution is composed of two major elements: a Mobile Application (Android and iOS) for trainees and a BackOffice (for trainers)

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Let your trainee learn while they have fun

One of the significant obstacles in corporate training is maintaining engagement and knowledge retention levels.

Our mobile app offers several proven psychological mechanisms to keep employees engaged while learning the content that is critical to the success of the company.

Mobile App

The power of learning and training at your hands

Trainees can answer questions, earn points and badges while competing with colleagues from any department or branch. These elements are carefully thought and tuned to increase engagement and knowledge retention levels.


Knowledge Retention

Each question is adapted with our proprietary technique so that trainees learn and retain knowledge, not memorizing it.

In each level, the difficulty increases and changes to the different modules covered throughout the training. Feedback is available about the chosen answers with the possibility to review the corresponded module content.

The Training

The trainees will be answering sets of questions, with different options as answers. After each round, the trainee will know the correct answers, and it is always given the possibility to review his answers. The goal is for users to learn, and we provide all the necessary tools for such purpose.



Our mobile application is about providing an immersive training experience ensuring high levels of engagement.

  • Badges: trainees earn badges as social recognition;
  • Rewards: earn rewards while levelling up within the game;
  • Powerups: surprise elements that empower the trainee gaming experience

Cooperation and Competition

Trainees can either challenge each other’s knowledge or cooperate through team battles. Each correct answer contributes to the success of the respective individual or team score. These healthier competition modes increase learning experience  and retention levels through social interaction.


Back Office

Our Back Office was designed to provide the necessary tools to monitor and configure all the critical aspects of training. Consult, at any time, the current status of the training and the performance metrics of the trainees.


Track, in real-time, all trainee’s performance, such as knowledge retention, precision, time spent playing, rankings.

Training Configuration

All the game elements can be tweaked according to your training needs. It is possible to change the rewards, the badges configurations, adapt content and corrections all in real time.

Brand Customization

Is it possible to adapt our application according to your needs. It is possible to customize avatars, badges, puzzle images with the look and feel of your company brand.

Before After

Plans & Pricing

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